Wild Lives Portraits

The plains Indians considered the Buafflo a relative or a people equal to themselves. They did not see themselves as owning the Buffalo or having dominion over them.

After spending a summer and part of a winter in Yellowstone I began to see how difficult it was for these people to survive, to live. Many of the new puppies born to the Junction Wolf Pack died of starvation. At the end of winter when spring is near the Bison have very little to eat and are starving, many don’t make it. Every year it is a struggle to survive. The average lifespan for a wolf in Yellowstone is only 5 years.

I offer these portraits of wild people I have met. Individuals that struggle to stay alive and raise their young. Every one of them have to deal with a voracious predator that takes every available habitat and and kills without need. Mankind.

Romeo the black wolf