Micheal Francis Kelly

Micheal Francis Kelly was born in Carson City, Nevada about 60 years ago and grew up in the fruit basket of the world before it was known as Silicon Valley, CA. The call of the north drew my wife and I to Alaska in 1975. After 17 years in Fairbanks we moved to Juneau where I worked as a Systems Programmer for the State of Alaska. Now retired, we live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

I have had no formal training in art or photography but my mother is an artist and some of her enthusiasm may have rubbed off on me. Photography is a form of meditation for me. I purposely use the automatic features of the camera when I can, to remain spontaneous when shooting. My day job is quite technical but I try to use photography to explore other venues. When walking with a camera I “see” differently than walking without a camera. I look in a more attentive way, without my mind wandering. On a good day there is no photographer, just process.