Soul of a machine

I was working on a portfolio one day and noticed a strange Moire pattern in the thumbnail images I was reviewing. The term Moire was originally a french word referring to a type of textile of silk with fine “watery or rippled” appearance. In computer speak, Moire refers to fine, wavy patterns that are undesirable effects of digital processing. It causes diagonal lines to appear to vibrate to your eyes.
I zoomed into the full image to try and figure out what was wrong. I had to zoom deeper and deeper into the image to find what I was looking for. If you look at a normal digital image at extreme zoom, you usually see colored squares that gradually change as the image colors change. When I zoomed into this image, I found wild mechanical patterns rather than clumps of similar colors. It meant my camera was broken. But I became fascinated by the strange patterns as I “wandered” through this zoomed-in world. This portfolio is the result of extracting tiny sections of just one image. In fact, they are all “photographs” from one single image taken with my camera.

This type of art is now called “glitch art”.