leaf paintings

One fall day two years ago I was going for a walk and took notice of the fallen leaves scattered on the ground, their multi-colored shapes forming random and varied patterns.

The idea came to me to make a photograph using camera movement to smear the colors together to create an abstract and ethereal image.

My first attempts with this technique intrigued me enough to explore the idea further. I began to experiment not only with camera movement, but camera movement combined with very slow shutter speeds and, in some instances, the zoom capability of my lens.

What began with the simple, sweeping arc of the camera across the scene, evolved into jiggles, spiral zooms, vertical sweeps, inward and outward zooms, and the circular movement of the camera around its axis.

This exploration of camera and lens movement and the resulting body of work that I call “Leaf Paintings” opened the door for me to a different way of seeing. What I love so much about photography is how it makes me look at the world in a more intimate way. With camera in hand, my attention is attuned to details I might never otherwise notice, and what might seem commonplace at first glance takes on a new dimension of interest through my camera lens.