simply reflections

The dance of light on the sea is an ever-changing display of color, form and pattern. All of the images in this collection were taken at Creek Street in Ketchikan or the Juneau waterfront. A few hundred feet of dock yields a daily surprise of uniquely different visual treats. With a change of the tide, wind or sun, each day presents entirely different images from the same physical place.

These images have not been created in a computer. By that, I mean they were not drawn as graphic art would be. There is no oil on the water, no colors have been changed, the images are not composites of multiple images and nothing has been added to the images. Only traditional photographic parameters, such as exposure, have been adjusted to correct for limitations in the photographic process.

The images are simply reflections of life on shore. I don’t consider myself an artist as much as an observer. I simply record what I see. It is interesting that each person who views the images seems to “see” something different. I think that is part of the fascination.

copyright Micheal Francis Kelly 2003-2011